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29th of March 15.30 p.m - BIARRITZ, A côté de la gare
Why Tower School?
Best in class teachers - natives and bilinguals
Neuro-linguistic, ICF coaching approach to learning
Innovative fast learning methods

E-learning platform and educational materials developed by our team
Comfortable classrooms in Tour Montparnasse with panoramic views of Paris
Tower School is
Innovative fast learning methods, Neuro-linguistic ICF coaching approach to learning

Official educational center of France certified Qualiopi
Best in class teachers - natives and bilinguals

Offline and Online courses

Elena Ramos

Founder of the Tower School
Certified teacher, creator of the neuro-linguistic methodology for rapid and effective language acquisition, language coach, entrepreneur, author of the textbook "French in 3 Months."
Founder of the School
Receive support from the top bilingual teachers
Study at your convenient time using programs on our E-learning language platform
Achieve rapid results through unique neuro-linguistic methodologies
Be a part of community, join school celebrations at the Montparnasse Tower
Receive coaching support and overcome language barriers
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